Q28 Sales
Услуги Q28 Sales
  • Внедрение CRM-системы
  • Sales-стратегия
  • Построение системы продаж
  • Ukraine
  • CIS
  • UAE
  • Europe
  • Canada
Sales department on demand

We build systems of sales and customer service.




Areas of work: products, services, IT.

Our services
  • Sales audit
  • Outsourced sales department
  • Call Center
  • Consulting and training
Our languages
  • Ukrainian
  • Russian
  • English
  • Spanish on request*

Victoria Zadorozhnaya, Managing Partner, Q28 Sales:

“We are building systems for sales and customer service. We conduct audits ( by the way, we have 100 audits of sales departments of RC of Kyiv and the suburbs on our account), write sales strategies for the companies that are preparing for a launch or relaunch, implement CRM-systems and set up digital funnels (by the way, the digital funnels of the sales are our strong suit). And we take over outsourcing of the sales department services, i.e. we provide project managers and sales managers for the client companies and provide their control with KPIs measurements and adjustments. And we also select the managers to the sales departments for our customers by searching, finding, training, controlling for 2-3 months and giving the ready ones to the client”.

From Sales Audit and your CRM-System, its correct configuration and implementation into everyday sales.
We are a certified partner of AMO CRM
We have increased the amount of sales and we are working on a daily basis:
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