What is included into the franchising?
Q28 Corp. is the first group of companies in Europe for small and medium business. We work in an innovative agency format, we perform outsourcing for our clients in such departments as marketing, finance, HR and sales.
We adore operating work, we love to collaborate with our clients and thus together we can achieve great results.
For 5 years we have been building, scaling-up, optimizing the organizational structure and are dynamically changing our service packages according to the needs of the market and our customers.

Now we are in the process of developing a franchise package that will allow us to become one of the largest groups of companies in the world.

But let’s say in advance that you will have an opportunity to buy a franchise of a certain company or a general franchise to forming group of companies in your city or country.

  • Specialists who have excelled up the hierarchy of their company and want to start their own business. You can become a part of a large and experienced company that will allow you to work with clients from various areas.
  • Entrepreneurs who already have their own business, the group of companies will support the current business and generate additional income. For example, you have a restaurant and you have decided to buy our franchise for the “marketing team on demand”. Then the team will be able both to work with your current projects and to help other outsourced businesses.
  • Entrepreneurs who already have a business in the related areas, but have a desire to expand the range of services together with a powerful partner. We will give you the opportunity to develop as a part of a strong brand in the market with ongoing support for operating work.
As part of the franchise procurement, you will receive not only detailed instructions on business development, but also training, support, the opportunity to be a part of the first group of companies for small and medium-sized businesses in Europe.
Contact us if you feel that we can become partners:
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