Quadrate 28
Full Cycle

Quadrate 28
Marketing Full

The key problem of service marketing promotion.

An army of consultants-marketers are theoreticians who will tell you what you need to do, but will never take this to do and will never be responsible for the result.

We will help you on your way by creating a marketing strategy, by identifying and planning a step-by-step implementation for you. We have created this for you and we will analyze it for you. Just give all operational marketing and sales to us.

Why would you need us?

There is no marketing manager in your team or there is no full-fledged marketing department when you need it

If you need help in creating a marketing strategy and plan

If you need operating marketing support

If you need to develop a brand from a zero stage

You need to start sales and need to consult with

Need audit and consulting before investing in development and marketing

Need launch to crowdfund platforms

Need launch to Product Hunt

Q28 Marketing
Our services:
  • ‘FULL’ service - marketing team on demand

  • Implementation of special projects

  • Consulting

  • Development of landing pages, websites, eCommerce

  • Paid traffic management and end-to-end performance analytics

Q28 HR
100+ closed vacancies
Hand-selected resumes database for Ukraine and the CIS
We close the vacancy in 30-40 days
3 months guarantee
Our services:
  • Recruiting

  • HR marketing: working with an employer brand

  • HR consulting

  • Training

Q28 Sales
Our services:
  • Sales audit

  • Outsourced sales department

  • Call Center

  • Consulting and training

We build systems of sales and customer service.

On sale
On sale
On sale
Q28 Finance
The first financial team on demand in Ukraine
Our services:
  • Financial team upon request

  • Management accounting, reporting to the owners, configuring Power BI dashboard

  • Financial modeling, budgeting, pitch/presentations for investors

  • Registration and administration of the companies abroad, connection of payment systems, opening of the bank accounts, legal support.

  • International taxation

  • Financial consulting

We have offers for startups and for SMEs.
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