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What we do
  • Medium and large business
  • Technological startups
  • Creative industries
  • Ukraine
  • CIS
  • UAE
  • Europe
  • Canada
HR Department on demand

100+ closed vacancies

Hand-selected resumes database for Ukraine and the CIS

We close the vacancy in 30-40 days

3 months guarantee

Spheres we work at: Marketing, Design, Sales, HR, Business Development, Back Office.

Our services
  • Recruiting
  • HR marketing: working with an employer brand
  • HR consulting
  • Training

Valeriya Ionan:

“We do not create candidates, nobody creates. Our main competence is professional work with the market. This means that we cast around the entire target market, select and offer you only the best candidates who meet your needs and who are able to help you solve your business problems”.

And we are licensors of the Disrupt HR event in Kyiv.
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