What is happening in the world and how to make money on it? We have collected 5 trends that are changing the customer experience now.

Administrators, health professionals and programmers: which professions will be relevant in the next 10 years, and which will die out?
There will be more than 1.1 million more medical and care workers. This is due to the fact that baby boomers (born from 1943 to 1960) are of respectable age.
Demand for IT professionals will increase by 20-30%: developers, cybersecurity specialists and data science will be relevant.
Administrative and operational work is being replaced by artificial intelligence: professions such as telephone operators, cold salesmen, and secretaries are gradually dying out.
Recruitment becomes automated. How is the hiring process changing now and what to expect in the future?
According to LinkedIn, 70% of recruiters consider "remote HR" a new standard. Companies are already posting vacancies online, scheduling interviews using chatbots, testing candidates' skills using automated tests.
It is predicted that the video interview and the final decision on hiring and "job offer" will also be taken over by the AI.
Tik-Tok +
Tik-Tok + Е-commerce =
Examples of unknown companies that launched viral videos and set sales records
The family brand of peanut paste Nerdy Nuts has grown to $ 500k a month, and cranberry juice Ocean Spray has disappeared from the shelves after it was drunk by a doggface skateboarder during a video on Tik-Tok.
And entrepreneurs are catching trends and opening stores with viral products, such as pop-it.
The global market for men's beauty products will grow from $ 66B to $ 81B in the next 3 years. Why?
Men's services are growing all over the world: more than ever, men go to barbershops, take care of their hair and skin, use men's cosmetics, and take care of their health.
So the English startup Numan received a $ 40M investment in a "digital men's clinic" with online consultations from doctors.
Beauty market
A new trend in China: there are more projects in the format of "interlocutor for rent" - from psychotherapists to chatbots for relationships.
A new trend in China
Over the past 10 years, China has seen a 33% increase in single people. But the desire to socialize in people remained. Therefore, more and more create services, such as:
Dating with the help of a virtual matchmaker (Yidui).
Family by subscription (Papa).
AI with a pleasant female voice (Хiaoice).
By the way, more than 600 million users have already used the latest service!