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marketing, sales, finance, HR

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Our portfolio includes projects in a variety of fields: HoReCa, medical, retail, startups, pharmaceuticals, logistics, services, technology, education, telecom, consulting, and much more.

  • review-img Andrii Berezovskyi
    Nova Poshta “Malevich's Black Square, Quadrate 28. Does it sound good? Of course, the girls are not particularly famous, but they are confidently getting through the Marketing-PR-Event difficulties. One year ago, and one week before the deadline, I came to them and asked to prepare a part of an important and difficult event that was an international delivery launch. Ideas – preparation – realization. It was tough, interesting and of a high-quality. It is worth it to use Quadrate’s services just like us, one week before the deadline? Obviously not! Because it will be stressful for everyone. But can they do that? – yes, the can. In general, no matter the approach you will get an excellent result. But I am all in favor of taking care of the girls, because such a bright and successful future is waiting for them together with Quadrate 28”
  • review-img Natalia Pavlenko
    Live Animations “During my year collaborating with Quadrate 28 we have almost achieved a breakthrough in PR-promotion both in Ukraine and abroad. The number of publications in the mass media has increased 10 TIMES, the regular flow of content that we were creating has increased 5 TIMES. This is a team of professionals, that was fully aware of our goals, wishes and most importantly – the vision of the owner, creator of the company Andriy Tymoshenko. Our product is complex, the AR market in the CIS is almost absent. If you need to create and configure your work in the field of PR – your choice is obvious – Quadrate 28”
  • review-img Taras Malysh
    Power Plant “Between you and me, there is a nice expression – “really freaking great”. I cannot think of a better one that can better describe the collaboration between us. Quadrate 28 receives an excellent mark for their involvement, understanding and especially empathy when something needs to be done urgently for the next day. I am grateful to your team for the help in the building of our brand. We are sincerely glad that we chose to work with you”
  • review-img Olha Bafoieva
    Meest China “Quadrate 28 is a team of professionals that is able to involve in a client’s task in mere hours. The guys are pro-active and breathe your business. They tell you both your strong and (and here you need to be really for it) weak points of your business. If you are a lonely marketer of your company or you are an owner of a business and have no one to rely on to deal with an important job, then Quadrate 28 is definitely for you."
  • review-img Yevhen Kudriavchenko
    Vintage “Members of Quadrate 28 are such great “pushers”. Their main credit lies in the fact that the exact moment after the work has started – everything began to be happening. I also specialize in marketing and sell it, but I did not have enough time and energy for my own company, because I gave the best to my clients. As a result, I had hundreds of ideas about what and how I am was going to do, but the realization of those ideas went more slowly than a snail. At first, Quadrate 28 will review all of your ideas, add ideas on their own and create a strategy for their implementation. Most importantly – I began to do everything and to do it as thoroughly as I could. That´s it, no magic, just discipline and order. That is what I was lacking the most”
  • review-img Yvan Lytvyn
    Оrganic Milk “Together with Quadrate 28 we worked on several projects simultaneously. The team developed a marketing strategy for Ogranic Milk and made cool-looking boxes for our products. They have also designed our website, conducted all the special projects with opinion leaders and a dozen of other events. So, in general, they pushed themselves to their limits. I want to emphasize on Quadrate 28’s creative approach as well as on their attention to details. It is a pleasure to cooperate with this company and to achieve results together”
  • review-img Roman Emets
    Vertex Hotel Group «Quadrate 28 is one the best outsourcing team. I have approached them twice in my history: first for the shopping center marketing campaign and 2- nd for the hotels strategy review. Both times, Q28 were really good in get-in to the business with good undestanding what is the purpose of their involvement. The Q28 doesn’t afraid to be responsible for the result of their involvement and accepted all challenges, like their own. Really great combination of modern views and strong analytical backgrounds. I will be happy to provide more details if required»
  • review-img Vytalyi Kotenko
    CEO, “I am grateful to Quadrate’ team for the amazing work they have accomplished. These people always treat their clients with attention and they try to perform their job on a particularly high level. They professionally approach their strategies and make use of visual solutions. Thank you!”
  • review-img Olena Serhieieva
    ESLEAD “I really like to work with Quadrate 28’s team. They are truly dedicated people that focus primarily on the client and have a large skill base, as well as a variety of approaches in which they specialize. I have really appreciated their willingness to hear and understand the client, their flexibility during the search of best-suited solutions (and it concerns both the prices and the quality), the response speed, their patience, the creative approaches they use and the availability of stuff in situations where something need to be urgently changed or clarified. They are always full of optimism, confidence, cheerfulness and professionalism. It will be much pleasure for me to continue using Quadrate 28 team’s services”
  • review-img Olha Zerkal
    EWIGOL Consulting “We want to express our gratefulness to Quadrate 28´s team for helping us with the organization of the international “Eastern European Business Forum 2018” event in Wroclaw. We want to note the speed of their operation and reaction as well as the marketing-related solutions they came up with. Aside from that, we would like to emphasize on particularly high interpersonal communication levels. Also, we want to note how Quadrate 28 achieved to channel all their efforts in order to optimize the majority of complications that occurred, they resolved them despite all the problems they had during the organization of EEBF 2018. We expect further collaboration in the future”
  • review-img Anastasiia Kohut
    “I really liked the flexibility, the speed at which they were resolving the problems and the fact that we could contact them at any moment and still receive feedback. Professionalism – I mean the moment, when we are do not possess the necessary knowledge, we do not know, how to correctly organize a certain job but we could still receive a piece of advice and not doubt their competence. The ability to listen – we had a specific set of requirements, that were all considered and nothing was missing, not a single detail. Just pleasant communication, and it is very easy to feel that your client is very important to you and you are open for discussions”
  • review-img Valerii Kosovan
    MacPaw “Quadrate 28 Finance – is a young team headed by a charismatic leader, who is really a pleasure to work with. Despite their youthfulness, they possess enough experience and a variety of different templates, that allows them to complete several tasks at the same time. Despite that, they do not have that weird tendency to be stubborn or loopy, they approach their tasks with creativity. The team adequately reacts to any criticism, answers quickly and apply changes when necessary. They always have time for their clients, and collaborate when something needs to be fixed, even after their work on the project has been completed”.
Clients feedback
“We have a created a group of companies to give business-owner an opportunity to concentrate on their main activities and to not waste time on monotonous job, that can be performed by professionals of that field”.
Valeria Ionan, Nadiia Dvoinos,
founders of Q28 Corp


More details about our
“ON-DEMAND” business model

What tasks do we solve

Every company by its own as well as a group of companies as a whole – is aimed at helping every small and medium-sized businesses.
  • We save you time
    To be honest, we exempt entrepreneurs and business-owners from monotonous work-loads as well as give them an opportunity to focus on the manufacturing of their own products or supplying of their own services.
    Whether it be financial, operational or something else altogether, Q28 Corp. will help your business grow and we work to become an integral part of your team.
  • We perform the monotonous job
    Despite cool and interesting projects, there is daily unglamorous work that needs to be performed by someone. We do not consider it boring. In fact, for us that kind of unglamorous work is what we like the most. That is on what our company’s business-model relies on.
  • We implement the most challenging and complex ideas
    Seriously. Whatever is the task. And if we cannot perform it – we are going to find someone who can.
More details
Let's get to know each other and start making your business better.

We form the missing department in the client’s company and take on the functionality of this department, be it finance, HR, marketing, and sales. Our main service in each of these departments is called FULL.

Our model is based on a monthly fee - a fixed cost per month that your company pays for the successful execution of various tasks.
We can also provide additional services, such as consulting or development of specific documents upon request.

We implement the most challenging and complex ideas
Seriously. Whatever is the task. And if we cannot perform it – we are going to find someone who can.

Let's get to know each other and start making your business better.

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